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Here at GACO, we are determined to make our passion for General Aviation flying have much less of an impact on the environment. We work with companies throughout the world to help companies and flying schools within this sector cost effectively offset their CO2 emissions. With a wide and varied offsetting portfolio, we offer solutions for every type of business.

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Planting Trees
Tree Planting

Our easy-to-use website makes calculating carbon emissions and planting trees to sequester those emissions easier than ever. Once users have calculated the carbon emissions and successfully completed the offset, we arrange for trees to be planted either throughout the world, or in specified areas such as the UK; thus, the CO2 sequestration begins. 

Sustainable Energy
Carbon Credits

By providing businesses with carbon credits, we allow them to establish carbon neutrality by offsetting residual emissions on their journey to net-zero. We understand that with current technology, emissions within aviation cannot be eliminated, so we work closely with organisations to recommend the most efficient way to operate an aircraft and offset the remainders.

Planting a Tree
Tree Planting and Carbon Offsetting

We allocate carbon credits from carbon offset projects that have already captured or avoided CO2 emissions to establish current carbon neutrality and arrange tree planting to match, which allows the sequestration of future emissions. The combination of Carbon Offsetting and Tree planting enables businesses to contribute to a greener future, while offsetting their business emissions immediately.